Grammar for English Language Teachers – A review

After reading Jolene’s review: about uncovering the logic of English, I decided to share a review of one of my favourite resources for ESL/ESOL teaching, Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrot. The publisher is Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521477972

This is quite a tome, covering every aspect of grammar, from basic word classes to verb phrases , sentence constituents, word order, and finally, complex sentences. The book sets out the basic ‘rules of thumb‘ presented to learners in course material while highlighting the complexity and (where necessary) the ambiguity of grammatical descriptions and rules. Included at the back are spelling rules and notes on pronunciation.

The organisation of the book is extremely user-friendly. Every chapter starts with key considerations and includes a section on typical difficulties for learners – invaluable when you are trying to figure out what your student is doing wrong and why. Each chapter includes consolidation exercises and a key is provided at the back of the book. A ‘short cut’ index at the front makes finding specific information easy, should you not wish to work through the book in a systematic fashion.

I highly recommend this book if you want to get to grips with the complexity of teaching English to speakers of other languages.