Classic Creations and Christmas gifts





Just picked up the latest Burda Sewing magazine from my newsagent’s. I can’t wait to browse the patterns, thinking of fabric I have in my stash. Shall I make a pair of classic trousers? Definitely! I have the perfect wool mix. What about a gorgeous dress for Christmas or for my daughter’s wedding? Hmmm… there’s a wonderful crossed blouse too. Oh, so many choices! But wait…. first there are Christmas gifts to make, then the wedding dress, then my outfit…so much to do!

Have you decided on Christmas gifts yet? I bought my first at the weekend – an amusing little cat cartoon book. Perfect for the person I have in mind. For others, there are things I want to make, if I can find the right fabric. Speaking about fabric, where do you love to shop for fabric? Do you have any favourite on-line shops? As I live in Italy, you would think that finding quality fabric was easy. Not so. The big cities have fabric shops, but the prices are horrendous! I love browsing the German on-line shops such as, but it’s difficult to choose fabrics when you can’t touch them. What do other sewers think? Do you buy fabric on-line, or do you prefer to shop where you can feel the fabric and see the colours up close?

Going to sleep tonight dreaming of fabric! Good night!

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