Written for the daily prompt: What is success to you?

I’ve given this a lot of thought over the last few days and come to realise that it’s different things at different times (and of course, to different people).
At the moment, I’m an “English as a foreign language” teacher. I have to specify because teaching English in a country where the language isn’t spoken on a daily basis is totally different from teaching it and an English speaking country. My students have very little opportunity to hear or use English, so every small improvement is a big success. And for me, success is everywhere in my daily work.
It’s in a child’s beaming smile when they learn to count or realise that they know the answer to the question. It’s in the delight of the school-leaver who has passed a Cambridge English level exam and can enter University in the UK. It’s in the sincere thanks of a young person who has landed an important job because of their ability to use English. But it’s also in the shy smile of the troubled young man who is desperate to find a job and uses our lessons to keep himself busy.
I can’t really say that these are my successes because it is the work of the student to push himself or herself forward through studying and memorising, as well as practising. Nevertheless, I feel privileged and blessed to be able to share in the success of the wonderful people who have passed through my life, many of whom still enrich my days with their efforts and laughter. They have taught me the meaning of success.