Eek! Three weeks to Christmas!

Have you realised, dear reader, that you have only three weeks to complete those special gifts, bake those delicious goodies, and prepare for the family feast you are probably going to have? I realised this yesterday, and it prompted further thoughts about what I could make for those special people in my life who are not family, but whom I would like to spoil with a little gift to show my regard for them.

I love the Internet!  I found a delightful pattern rice heat therapy bag. I’m going to make a few of those for my friends. There’s also a smaller bag, and I saw on another site that you can use the smaller one for carpal tunnel syndrome and to support your wrist while using a mouse. I like that idea! Here’s the link to the first site:

These little coin purses are really cute and would make a delightful gift for my young students :

For other friends, I’ve enrolled in a free Craftsy class to make a tote bag and zipper pouch. They would also make great gifts!

Here’s the link for those:

I guess I’m going to be pretty busy for the next three weeks, but the look on my friends’ faces will make all the effort worthwhile.

What are you going to be making? Post your comments and links for us all to see.



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