Doompocalyptic resolutions

Here’s the backstory for this week’s challenge: The tin-foil hat, Mayan apocalypse conspiracy people were wrong about the world ending in 2012. Hooray. Time for them to go back to watching grassy knoll footage in slow motion. BUT!

They were only half wrong. There’s a gigantic meteor hurtling toward earth at an alarming rate, and a 97.3% probability that we’re all going the way of the dodos and dinosaurs within three months. So, this year you aren’t going to make resolutions about losing a notch on your belt. You aren’t going to concern yourself about polishing off Remembrance of Things Past once and for all. You don’t even care a jot about emptying your email inbox. In three months, doompocalpyse is going to be upon us. So what are you going to do?




I have a confession to make. I’ve just deleted my first attempt at this challenge. I’d got on my high horse about the state of the world today and the difference I could make when I was stopped in my tracks. I was torn. It sounded so good! It was inspiring!  It was …Who am I kidding? It was all a lie!

If I really had only three months to live, I wouldn’t be out there changing the world, I’d be in here with my loved ones, storing up memories. I’d spend more time with my kids and their kids. I’d jump into more puddles with my grandson. I’d lie on the grass and watch the clouds. I’d try to listen more and talk less. I’d shelve judgement and believe people more. I’d read more and watch TV less. I’d try to travel a little – not far, just to those nearby places I’ve been meaning to visit again or for the first time. Venice, Rome, Paris…so many beautiful places come to mind.

And most of all, I’d try to be a better lover and friend, to welcome the warm embrace in the dead of night. To lie “spoon” until the heat drives us apart, gasping for air. I’d reach out more and risk more.

So there they are, my REAL resolutions.