Twenty-four Hours

Twenty-four hours

Twenty-four long hours have passed.
I hold her face; sweat plasters her hair
To her forehead.
Another spasm wracks her frail body.
She moans and trembles
With pain and fatigue.
God, no-one told me it would be so bad!

Stop! For God’s sake stop! I want to shout.
Turn back the clock!
Let us never have met if that
Could take away
This agony I cannot share.
Nor carry on her behalf in any way.
I’d give my all to make it so
But such is not to be.

Into the light he tumbles free,
Fulfilment of our love.
His angry cries demand his needs.
I marvel at the fingers, toes
And tiny face.
Blue eyes hold mine.
My heart tumbles down to meet his.

I hold her hand, whisper my love.
He’s perfect. We should have more like him.
Rueful smile: Don’t even think about it!