Hungry Caterpillar song

I’ve just remembered I promised to tell you about the caterpillar song. Well, after doing The Hungry Caterpillar with my little girls, the following week I taught them the song I composed.


I used C and G chords on the guitar and as it’s so repetitive, they picked it up in no time.

They loved the song and sang it with me while they coloured in their worksheets. I’m very happy with how it went and I’ll bring it out regularly to reinforce their learning.

This week, we’re doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Any ideas for good resources anyone?

April 2014 update: I’ve noticed that quite a few people have been looking for the music for the caterpillar song, so I asked my talented daughter to help me write the music. Here it is as a jpeg image. Happy singing everyone!

caterpillar song music