Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap. E-books or paperback?

This week’s Mind the Gap: How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand? Take the poll (below) and then explain your opinion by blogging about it on your site. Tag your post “DP challenge,” so that we can be sure to find your contribution to the challenge.

Oh, the agony! Why does it have to be one or the other? If you had asked me this three years ago, I would have answered unequivocally “PAPER”. Nothing could equal the smell of a new book or the feel of the spine bending and opening for the first time, reluctantly revealing its secret soul. My favourite Christmas gift as a child was a new book in the Enid Blyton “Adventure” series. I was glued to the pages for at least a couple of days until the adventure was resolved and the crooks had been caught. More than once, my mother had to confiscate my book in the morning as I was in a half-clothed state and it was almost time to catch the bus to school. I spent my teenage years sprawled on my bed, the lawn, across the couch, anywhere I could read. And my world expanded every time I opened a book. So how could I not choose to open a paperback and travel to new vistas every time I want to scape the world?

Well, someone gave me a Kindle three years ago. Let’s be honest. I saw a friend’s and coveted it immediately. The print is so similar to reading a page! You can enlarge the print with the click of a button (I’d like to see you do that with a paper book!). It’s so light and easy to hold! It can contain a whole library of books! I can get new books anywhere and anytime! And they’re cheaper than print books! And best of all, I can get free books! I love a bargain, and a free book is my kind of bargain.I knew I was hooked when I tried to turn the page on my Kindle as I would on a paper book, by turning the top right hand corner. No, I don’t have a touch screen Kindle.

There are down sides to Kindle books, and that’s why this question can never be an either-or. On my simple Kindle, at least, photographs and diagrams don’t show up well. Charts often need to be read in smaller print for them to fit on the page. I need larger print. Some poetry books that have been converted to Kindle have lost their formatting. There is nothing more frustrating than looking forward to reading Elizabeth Barret Browning‘s poetry and finding a page of unformatted lines. Ugh!

In the final analysis then, I say you need both paper and e-books. Each has something the other doesn’t, and each can supplement and complement the other.Don’t make me choose!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap. E-books or paperback?

  1. prosemachine

    Only wizards can enlarge the text in paperbacks! Really though, your post was very cozy (if that makes sense) and I found myself chuckling a bit at the notion of a messy-haired half-dressed kid stuck to a hardback when she should be brushing her teeth and headed to the bus stop! I’m not implying you had messy hair, but, you know, nobody knows! From the bottom of my heart, I very much enjoyed reading your thoughts. I felt like I was sitting across the table listening to someone reminisce with a smile.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to tell me. You made my day! And by the way, the hair was messy – I was a messy child ; ). I’m going to have a look at your blog now.


  2. lynnwyvill

    Love my Kindle, but for some things, the paper copy is just better. Love those free books, too!
    I agree – just don’t make me choose!


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