Up to His Tricks Again

I’m outraged! Our dear friend Mr. Berlusconi is up to his old tricks again. How can anyone believe a word the man says? As many of you will know, Italy is gearing up for another election – this weekend in fact.

Just a short while before we go to the polls, Mr. Berlusconi has magnanimously promised to repay to the citizens all the money taken for the new property tax, which was instated by the outgoing President Mario Monti. This tax was annulled by Berlusconi during his last presidency and then re-instated by Mario Monti in a slightly different form because the government needed the funds. Where does Mr. Berlusconi think he’s going to get the funds to pay everyone back? And does he think he’s God in that he can make unilateral decisions on parliament?

But the reason why I’m so outraged is that yesterday we got a pamphlet in our mailbox which contained a long explanation of how the resident could get his money back once Mr. B was in power. Many people in this country are cash-strapped and desperation leads people to do foolish things. My fear is that the gullible public may vote in favour of Mr Berlusconi and thus plunge this country into even deeper recession. Please people, think about it logically. This is an obvious election ploy that will never, and I mean NEVER come to fruition.

I’m going to the polls this weekend, and I know who I’m NOT going to vote for!