Ode to Spring

English: Daffodils at Covehithe Spring is here...
English: Daffodils at Covehithe Spring is here! A small clump in flower on the small green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ordinary evening,

I grab my bag and head out the door.

Pull the car out the garage,

Get out to close the door

And hear the whisper of verdant green

Upon the evening breeze.


Blackbirds announce her imminent arrival

With tumbling whistle and warble.

The daffodils speak her name with awe,

Poking budding heads above the moistened soil.

My heart leaps and sings its own song

beating to the heart of Spring.


Again, again, rise up again

And welcome her soft, warm breath.

clothed in vibrant greens and rainbow  hues,

She embraces cold limbs and soul death.


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