Daily prompt: Is the glass half full or half empty?

So a month has flown by in the blink of an eye and I’ve been back home since Wednesday. This prompt gives me pause for thought as the things that have been happening in my father’s life are certainly not joyful, happy things and it would be easy to see the glass as half empty. He suffered horrible injuries to his leg a year ago and is still not fully mobile and able to walk easily. At the very least, he will always walk with difficulty and he will have constant pain in that leg. He may never be able to garden or work in his woodworking workshop again. How painful that thought must be for a man who was constantly busy making things, gardening and still working part-time at age 78! He seems to have lost so much – glass half empty.

But here’s a thought. Dad’s accident and the need to help has brought my brother and I much closer. Dad has drawn closer to my brother too, and they now have long conversations about the books they’re reading. My trip to care for them during Cynthia’s (my step-mom) hip replacement op and her convalescence has been a very special time for me. I got to spend a month in my father’s house. I cooked and I cared for him and for Cynthia. We chatted and reminisced. I sang all my favourite Broadway hits while he played the keyboard. I hugged him every day and I told him I love him. I may never have a time like this again, and I appreciated every moment. I made him laugh and I made him cry. He told me he was proud of me. Glass half full.

Does that mean I’m glad Dad had this accident? Of course not! But if you have to experience something so painful that it takes your breath away and steals the joy of every day, then you have to cling to whatever good and beauty may come from that deeply painful experience.