The blue thingies are driving me crazy!

I love my new tablet! It has widened my horizons by making it easy to visit WordPress, play word games and keep in touch with the world in general. For the first time, my lap isn’t weighed down by my oversized laptop on a hot summer’s day, and I’m not breaking out in a sweat at the thought of replying to my friends’ emails.

I do have a couple of issues with it though. The first of these is that wonderful function called “auto-correct”. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to computers, so I”ve barely got the hang of the Internet, Gmail and Facebook. Now I’m faced with a virtual keyboard that thinks for me and writes what it thinks I should be saying! A case in point: yesterday I commented on a friend’s post on Facebook. I wanted to say that you had to add water, but when my comment was posted, it said “add wasteland”. How did that happen? Now I”ve started watching those words that march across the top of the keyboard while I’m typing (taping, hyping, trying ). It’s also very distracting!

Then there’s the little blue pointer thingy that you use to move the cursor to a previous point to make a correction (and I need to make an awful lot of those!) I bravely point my finger at the desired position and tap the screen. The pointer appears a line above or below where I want it or one or two letter Esq ( there we go again – “one or two letters off”). I use my little finger and carefully move it towards the right place. No, it lands up two letters off on the OTHER side. A further five minutes sees me finally get it in the right place and I make the correction. Whew! That was hard work!

If you thought that sounded difficult, wait till I tell you about highlighting text to copy and paste. Now there are two blue thingies! But first of all, it takes me five minutes to get them to appear. Getting one is easy – getting two requires real patience and dexterity. I try putting two fingers on the page and moving them apart. Nope! That just makes the print bigger. I slide one finger over the words I want highlighted – the page moves in that direction. Finally, after heaven knows how long, I hold my finger on the first word. EurekAlert! (There we go again.) Eureka! Two blue thingies appear. I spend another ten minutes maneuvering them to the right place and finally succeed in copying the text.

Oh how I long for a clear, comprehensive instruction manual! But nowadays these things don’t seem to come with instructions ( other than how to switch on and off ). Surely I’m not the only one to feel this way? How about you? Do you have a tablet? How long did it take you to get to know its ins and outs? Is there hope for me?

Ps. If you have noticed some words in this post with a double apostrophe, do tell me how to get rid of it. It seems that this clever keyboard “learnt” this in my early fat-fingered days, and no amount of trying to correct it makes the extra apostrophe go away.It’s driving me crazy!


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  1. I loved reading your blog, had a good giggle remembering how I battled, i am still battling with my blogs settings.


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