Happy Feet

Happy Feet
These happy feet have danced, run pranced and strolled for 13 wonderful years – and they’re still going strong.


My dog has happy feet! Every scrap of emotion in her diminutive 6 Kg body is transferred to her furry little paws and (now) over-long claws. This morning I was trying to keep her on my bed so that she would stop bothering my husband while he was in the bathroom. She bounced, she growled, she crawled to the edge of the bed and would have leapt off if I hadn’t relented and put her on the floor. (She’s a thirteen-year-old daschund with a history of back problems, so is absolutely not allowed to jump off furniture or climb the three flights of stairs to our apartment.) That’s when the happy feet started. Her nails tippy-tapped across the tiles in a mad dash for the bathroom and the object of her desire, ears flapping all the way.

When I bath her, she registers her deep disapproval of being towel dried with growls and vocalisations of ever-increasing volume. But her happy feet kick into gear when she is finally released and she bolts for her bed, taking a leap from a distance and sometimes sending it skidding across the floor (yes, more often when she was younger). When she was younger, her happy feet would sometimes take over for no apparent reason, and she would hurl herself around the house with delightful abandon, to finally flop into her bed, tongue lolling, grinning up at us.

She doesn’t do that so often now. Usually she’s sedate, as befits a Lady of her stature. Nevertheless, she still abandons herself to her happy feet when she’s heading towards something she likes. In the afternoon, she loves lying on the couch with me while I work or browse the Internet. When she returns from doing her business downstairs after lunch, she scrambles for the living room and puts her paws up on the couch, waiting to be lifted up. I can still hear the tattoo of her delight coming towards me across the tiles.

And it made me think. When was the last time you expressed joy and delight like that? What gives you happy feet? Do you have a happy feet partner?

I wish you all a happy feet week!

Ps. As I prepare to post this entry, my little Lady lies beside me on the couch, snuggled under a warm blanket, snoring loudly. Her happy feet have done their dance for today.