Soft Salted Caramels

This recipe sounds divine so I’m reblogging it to keep the recipe. Thank you.

The Pink Rose Bakery

P1010149Could someone please tell December to slow down? I have never considered myself to be a “last-minute” Christmas person but I have realised that at the beginning of December I adopt a “don’t worry, there’s a whole month to do everything” approach. But there isn’t a whole month at all. There’s 24 days. Well, 23 really. And 13 of those days are taken up with work. So that only leaves 10 days in which to squeeze everything else into, like making & buying presents, baking, decorating, eating, preparing etc. etc. 10 days is not enough. So far I have only bought one present and 3 stocking fillers. That’s not enough.

Next year I am starting Christmas in July. It’s the only way.

But back to the here and now. It’s edible gift week! And we are starting with some soft, buttery, delicious salted caramels.

P1010146Who wouldn’t be pleased if you…

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