Lover’s Almanac – a poem

Lover’s Almanac


Spring; she thaws ,

Beneath his gentle touch

Unfurls, a budding flower

To meet the sun.


The summer of

Their love

Warms their delight

One in the other.

Moments treasured

Pass in love’s sweet night.


A cool wind

Brings in autumn,

Their love

A blaze of fire and flame

To keep the chill from 

Love’s slight frame.


His distant eyes

Bring icy snows

Of winter.

Her soul shrinks

Beneath the mantle white.

No longer does it

Ache to reach soft night.

Nor blossom at his gaze.


Yet now, she sees

His inner being.

Love’s sight gone,

She sees the man

And in the seeing

Finds her love again.


And he, surprised,

Without love’s flame

Finds a stirring

At her name.

A pride, a joy,

A gentle glee

To spend their days

In harmony.