Open letter to WordPress and Automattic

Dear guys ‘n gals, I read your January roundup of statistics with interest and pride. After all, I fly with WordPress, so I feel that to some tiny extent, your successes are mine. I was amazed to read how few employees WordPress has in comparison to Facebook. And that thought brings me to the reason for this letter.

I heard this week that Facebook has just bought Whatsapp for an enormous sum of money and my heart sank. I’ve just started using this nifty little app to keep in touch with family members who are far away. I love the fact that there are no adverts and that after your message is sent, it’s deleted. I have to ask myself why Facebook spent so much on this app if, indeed, they have no intention of changing it and milking it for as much revenue as possible, just as they’ve done with their flagship product.

So here’s my plea, guys and gals. Please, please, please don’t sell out to any of your competitors. Please don’t start bombarding our blogs with advertising to make more revenue. I know you have one small ad on the free blogs, and I can handle that. And I think bloggers are allowed to run ads if they want to. That’s their choice. I certainly won’t go looking for blogs that bombard me with ads!

There is so much I love about WordPress, not least of all the fact that I can have a voice out there and it doesn’t cost me anything. My voice is not so important, but you give a voice to multitudes of people with vitally important messages, from those who want political change in oppressed countries, to those who document their daily struggles with various problems, thus encouraging the rest of us. I love the way you shepherd and encourage your bloggers with daily and weekly prompts designed to get the most incalcitrant of us to put pen to paper. And I love the way you promote interesting and relevant writing on Freshly Pressed.

You have a winner – please don’t change.

Respectfully your (sometimes in)frequent flier,
Margaret Brizzolari

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