Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure

Recently I found, to my own chagrin, that this timeless adage applies not only to the most important decision of anyone’s life, but also to other, almost equally important, decisions. Here’s what happened.

About a month ago, in a frenzy of excitement about Poetry Out Loud and poetry in general, I decided to open another blog. It was a brilliant idea! A blog dedicated to poetry of all kinds, it would showcase not only classic poetry, but also the poetry that I found while browsing WordPress, and which I felt deserved to be shared.

It was so easy to click those buttons, and before I knew it, I had a name, theme and blog all set up and waiting to be filled. Ah! There’s the rub! Filling that blank page was not so easy. I hadn’t thought about the fact that contemporary poetry is still under copyright, and can’t just be copied and pasted. Scratch that idea. I don’t have the time or money to go the right route with that. That left classic poetry and WordPress poets, both of which require time and dedication to read widely and choose wisely. Time I don’t have.

I stewed over the site for a few weeks, anxiety eating at me as I thought of how I was wasting time while I frantically tried to fit in reading and looking for poems, neglecting this blog, my first love. In the end, there was only one thing to do: my new blog and I went through a brief and (relatively) painless divorce. I deleted it. It’s gone. I’m over it. So learn from my mistakes, dear reader: marry in haste, repent at leisure. Think well before you jump into a new blog marriage, or you may be regretting it before long.

Have you made any major blog mistakes? What have you learnt along the way? I would love to hear about it.

Update May 2014: Shadowofiris is exactly the type of poetry blog I had in mind. Visit there for poetry of all types and shades organised by theme (separation, acceptance, longing are some examples). I also love the poems about turtles.