Asparagus tips

Reading a post on Behind the Willows made me think about the way I make asparagus. It’s asparagus season in Northern Italy now, and all over the market there are fat, crisp spears just waiting to be cooked and eaten.
How do you cook asparagus? I mean other than in special recipes. I tend to boil/steam them and then keep them in the fridge to use as I want. They’re a really difficult vegetable to cook because uou want to keep the heads out of the water to steam but have the legs in the water to cook through. I saw this tip somewhere on the Net and this is how I do them. I place the spears upright in my milk frother (you know, the one where you heat the milk and froth it to make cappucino). I fill it with water almost to the top. To make a lid, I put a breakfast cup upside down on top. It makes a perfect space for the heads and allows them to steam. Voila’!
Here’s a photo or two.

Another thing I’ve learnt from experience is that it’s not necessary to throw away the bits you break off from the bottom of the leg. Trim them and peel them if the asparagus are big. Those offcuts are delicious in salads or on sandwhiches. Look how much I would have thrown away!



Do you like asparagus? What’s your favourite asparagus recipe?


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  1. I’ve never cooked them that way- we are going to have to try it. I don’t have a milk frother, (and would have had no idea what it was if you hadn’t told me) but I’m sure I can find something in the cupboards that will work.


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