Florence waits

Dear self,

How long is it you’ve been wanting to return to Florence? Ten years at least, I’d say! And you still haven’t been back. Why is that? I know, there was always something else that needed to be done. There were years when a trip home to see family was more important. You were always thinking, “This may be the last time. Who knows when/if I’ll see them again. Florence will always be there.”
Yes, Florence will always be there, but we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Take the time to wander those ancient streets, to marvel at the cathedral, at the art, statues and exhibits in its museums and galleries. Eat gelato in the piazza and enjoy a morning coffee at one of the many bars around the square.
Stroll across the Arno on the ponte vecchio. Buy yourself a souvenir from the gold artisans. Watch the sun set from the Boboli gardens.

Don’t wait any longer. Do it NOW.