Life celebration #3

So today I’m celebrating my brain. That’s right! That mushy bundle of neurons and synapses that sits snuggly in my skull could be the most amazing part of my body. It has got me into and out of a number of tight corners over the years.

Did you know that your brain does not stop working, even when you are asleep? Did you know that the brain processes around 70,000 thoughts each day? Makes me tired just thinking about it! Did you know that the human brain is three times bigger than the brain of a chimpanzee? In some people, I’m not so sure about this. I think it’s the opposite – their brains are a third the size of a chimpanzees!

So what’s in my brain? I thought I’d give you a sneek peak! No sniggering! You too could have a brain like this after half a century!


How full is your brain? What do you think about regularly? What makes you unique?
C’mon…tell us about it! What’s in your brain at the moment?


5 thoughts on “Life celebration #3

  1. This is really original! I’d say day in and day out I think about these things: my family and how many days we haven’t talked, how dirty my house is to my standards, my job, what I need to remember that my husband’s told me about 1,000 times, procrastinating my workout, and where my kitten is!


  2. Great post …Umhh my mind is cluttered,Full of words,and sentences I don’t know How to express it to other So I write what I feel,think and express …


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