Life Celebration #8 Family and Friends

Dad, Mom and my very special Aunty Pat.

Just a part of my very special family. It was so special to be with them for this family reunion.

Last week we arrived home safely after spending a wonderful five-week holiday with family and friends. We were blessed from beginning to end with cars for travelling and places to stay. We didn’t stay a single night in a hotel and we didn’t hire a car! More than that though, we spent days chatting and catching up. We talked about our lives and about life in general. We heard about joys and sorrows and shared ours too.

Each family member or friend we stayed with became more precious and loved with the time we spent together, and we hope to maintain the closeness even though we are again thousands of miles apart and will not see each other until we are able to visit them again.

So today I’m celebrating family and friends. Who are the special people in your life? Love them, appreciate them and let them know how you feel about them. They are the precious places of refuge on our life’s road.