Life celebration #9 Here Comes the Sun…

It’s been raining for days, no weeks! The clouds have been low, grey and heavy. Every morning I have woken to the sound of running water in the drainpipes and drumming on the roof. School children sloshed to school in the mornings and jumped puddles in the afternoons.

Yesterday evening, an important part of our town festival was cancelled as the heavens opened all day and almost all night. There would be no display by this and  neighbouring towns celebrating life in the past. We all wondered what today would bring – rain or shine. Today was the second part of the festival – market stalls line the streets selling food, produce and all kinds of things, from clothes to hand made decorations and gifts. Besides being a lot of work for stall holders, today is a boost for the town’s economy. Another rainy day would be a disaster!

That’s why I was so happy to see this when I woke up this morning…


Blue skies and glorious snow!



And a good day was had by all!

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