Life Celebration #10 and #11

Life got in the way of blogging last week, so I’m going to post two celebrations this week.

#10 It Could Have Been Worse!

You know that sinking feeling when you realise that something awful has just happened and you immediately picture the worst? Well, that happened to me last Saturday.  I was happily ensconced at my sewing machine when hubby called out that he was going downstairs and I heard the front door open and close. We  have six short flights of stairs down to the garage. A minute or two later I heard an almighty thump  and for a moment, my world stopped turning.

I raced down the stairs to find him half sitting-half lying at the bottom of the third flight. He was able to talk to me and after a moment to gather himself, he was able to get up and walk back into the house. What a shock! The poor guy was a little black and blue and pretty sore in the following days, but nothing was broken. Major cause for celebration! It could have been so much worse, and I’m so grateful it wasn’t!

How did it happen? He had gone downstairs in sandals with smooth soles when the floor had just been washed and was still wet. Our stairs are polished granite and become super slippery when wet. Lesson learned – never, never, never take the stairs when they are wet! A 15 minute wait is better than a 7 day hospital stay!

Have you had a time when something could have been much worse? Tell us about it in the comments.

#11 Central Heating – a warm house

Okay, I know this one’s a little silly, but when you feel the cold, you love your heating. Every year when the cold and rain of autumn set in and the snow caps the mountains around us with powdery blankets, I realise how blessed I am to have a warm place to stay.

Spare a thought for those who don’t have such a blessing, and if you can, support a charity that helps street people with food and blankets.