Spring walk, spring thoughts

Up in our little corner of Italy, we’ve almost forgotten that it’s winter. Days are warming and the bulbs I planted last November are valiantly pushing out their tender buds in a burst of colour.

Seeing them reminds me that winter never lasts forever. No matter how cold, harsh or dry the days, eventually the spring warmth and gentle rain awaken the earth.

We’re still waiting for the rain. It hasn’t rained since Christmas and the forest is tinder dry. Nevertheless, spring’s urge has woken the forest flowers and in some places, they carpet the dry, leaf-strewn soil under parched trees. May the rains come soon.

Daffodils dance beside the road.
Reflections on Lago Nero
Majestic cedar. It’s about 80 years old but we can’t get to it. It’s behind the gates of an old monastery.