Today’s prompt is Priceless. So much could be said, but this is my personal list of some of the things that I count above price in my life and in life in general.

  • Hearing my grandchild call me Nonna or Granny.
  • Feeling arms around my neck and a tired little head resting on my shoulder.
  • The look in your eyes when you say I love you.
  • The love and support of dear friends.
  • A walk on the wild side with friends.
  • The look on your face when you realised you had thrown our medicines in the bin and left the composting refuse in a packet on the table.
  • A day’s work for a day’s wage.
  • A good night’s sleep.
  • A thankful heart.
  • A roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in.

What do you count as priceless in your life?


MS Awareness Month

It’s Multiple Sclerosis Month. I have a brother and a friend who have been affected by this awful disease. My longing for them is that reasearch will take a leap forward and treatment will become more effective and have less side effects. Let’s honour and support all those whose daily reality is coloured by MS.

Let me not (poem)

Let me not

Let me not, when morning skies

Are painted hues of red and gold,

Or autumn leaves set hills ablaze

be soul untouched, oblivious and cold


Let me not, to piteous gaze

Of children living daily pain,

Or  catatonic victim stares,

Bring apathy and cold disdain


Let me not, to lover’s touch

Or gentle gaze and loving hold

In dark of night and light of day,

Be distant and aloof and cold.


Let tears fall for all the world

Let me live and embrace the pain

Not only mine, but all around

And sear my soul with cleansing stain

Margaret Brizzolari 2015


This poem was inspired by…. Actually, I can’t find the blog that inspired it. The intervening days between reading and writing have wiped it from my memory. I do remember that it suggested writing in the tone of the emotion that you fear most. Of course, this is a little different. Since I can’t link to the original inspiration, I’m going to link to the Jacke Wilson Blog because his Beatles prompts are so amazing. Thanks Jacke.

Gone on Safari

Gone On Safari
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Dear readers,
The day has finally come! Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be jetting off to deepest darkest Africa. (Can one call Johannesburg and the glorious South African coutryside deepest and darkest? Perhaps one can when considering the crime, fraud and apathy that plagues those in government.)
But I’m going for the joy and delight of visiting family and friends. It’s been a while, so every face is sweeter and more precious. See you in five weeks!

On my wishlist:

The fairy toed pink tutued granddaughter
The jumping super quick grandson
The spiny racer son
The gentle eyed daughter-in-law
Flocks of friends and family.

Life Celebration #4

The Joy of Giving

My celebration today is in the joy of gift giving, and more specifically, of giving hand made gifts.

There was a time when all gifts used to be hand made. You couldn’t walk into a shop and buy something off the shelf like you can today. You thought about the person to whom you wanted to give the gift. You tried to find the perfect thing. You saved money, time and materials to ensure your gift was perfect. A father might make a toy for a child’s birthday. A daughter might embroider an apron for a mother, or a handkerchief for a father.

This year has been particularly busy for me. We’re visiting family and friends next month, so I’ve tried to make some of my gifts.



This was the first shopping bag and holder I made. Two more soon followed.

I think the cat bag is the best. What do you think?

A friend’s daughter has had a baby, so I couldn’t resist making some baby clothes.



The joy of giving a hand made gift is both in the making and in the giving. I love the feeling of completing a project and being happy with it. I love imagining the person wearing it or using it. And I love the look on their face when they open the gift. I think it’s true – it’s better to give than to receive.

Do you make gifts? What do you make? Do you like receiving hand made gifts? Tell us about it in the comments.