BBC Radio 2 Word Challenge

It’s a simple challenge. Use the words given over three or four consecutive days by the lovely Vanessa Phelps on her early morning show in one scintillating sentence (her words, not mine). Here are the words for this week: egress, coracle, fecund and flimflam. I turned it into a 50 word story. What can you do with it? Share in the comments if you like, or share a link to your blog. Have fun! Oh, and if you listen to her show tomorrow morning at around 6am UK time, you should hear some lucky listeners reading out their sentences.

Robert manouvred the coracle awkwardly towards the narrow egress of the little port, heading doggedly towards the fecund ocean beyond the break, all the while muttering scathingly that the stories of a reavenous sea monster were utter flimflam. He would find the fish they needed. He was never seen again.