You can’t see

The inside that is me

The love and tears

joys and fears

that line the walls.

you see the smiles, frowns, ups and downs

A musical with sound surround

but the the spider fear 

that inside crawls

is hidden from your gaze.

you hear the words I bear

like loaves to a feast

but the empty shelves

and yawning chasm of loneliness

are hid from prying eyes.

You see me but you do not

it takes a lifetime and more to know

The inside that is me.

Margaret Brizzolari

2 January 2017

written in response to the daily prompt.

Soul food

Take a bite…

A burst of sweet summer sunshine

Explodes in my mouth and

Slides down my throat.

Another bite…

Warm, salty sea

Rolls over my tongue

Mingles with sweet sun.

I close my eyes.

Another bite…

Sweet summer days fill

My mouth,

My stomach,

My soul.

Margaret Brizzolari August 2016
This poem was inspired by my supper: sweet, ripe melon slices and parma ham, a match made in heaven!

What foods evoke strong emotions for you? Write about it and link to  the comments if you like.

Happy summer days, everyone.

Carpe Diem


Don’t weigh me down

With might have beens,

Would haves, could haves

Or should have seen.

My soul can’t live

On dreams and wishes

And empty dishes.

I need to feel 

The grass beneath

My feet

The water lapping at my ankles

The wind tugging

At my hair.

I need to

Seize the day,

Live the day,

Hold the day

My way.

Come play

With me

Stay with me

Ride the wind with me

For as long as we can.


Rebuild the homes
That once we had
Rebuild the community
Now gone bad

Renew the bond
Of neighbour love
Renew the trust
Destroyed from above

Bring back the fields
Raise up the farms
Now razed to dust
By fire and arms

Raise up the schools
The playing fields
Let violins sound
And music heal

Let children’s voices
Raised in song
Bring back our soul
And touch the throng

Of broken hearts,
Lives torn apart
Now hear the joy,
Let building start.

Margaret Brizzolari
June 2016

Written in respone to the daily prompt rebuild

A Year in Seasons


Summer blasted in,
A roaring furnace
First greening fields and hills
Then parching leaf and vale.
Giving and taking life
With each heavy, sun-scorched day.

We gasped for breath
Through long, desultory days,
Quarrelled in the baking sun,
Tossed in bed, keeping our distance,
Waiting for better times.

Autumn blew in,
A chilly breeze,
Misty mornings and soft showers
Replenishing parched earth
Softly swelling, ripening
She burst forth her bounty.

We found each other
Through gentle rainy days,
Snuggled close in bed,
Hands reaching, touching
Living a better time.

Winter crept in
On softly floating flakes,
Crisp morns and howling winds.
Frosting and freezing
Life and earth,
She cloaked our love in icy mirth.

Silent we became
Through frozen, sterile weeks,
Souls darkened as the days
Were dark and laden
Skies wept tears upon the earth

Spring fluttered in
On birdsong and butterfly wing,
Each dawn a promise.
Spring buds clamoured
For warming sun,
Welcomed with open petals.

Spring’s thaw for us
Came none too soon.
Warmed beating hearts
Love’s rising heat
Burning through our limbs
As we journeyed to love’s ecstacy.

Spring Thaw

Joins another
           And another
                        Gathering force,




Grey Song

Tell me the sun will shine
Tomorrow will be clear and fine
Tell me it will take away
This overwhelming grey.

Grey sky absorbs
The colours of the world
Consumes them, hides them
Hills fade into the distance
Grey on grey, black on black.

Yet in a corner of the drive
A group of daffodils now thrive
Light up my day with verdant
Leaves and buttercup flowers.




I think daffodils must be one of my favourite spring flowers. They are such messengers of hope! You see them and know with absolute certainty that spring, and warmer weather, is just around the corner. Food for the soul!

Long Distance Call

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Long Distance Call

I see your face
So close and yet so far
Reach out to touch
Wish I were where you are

Questions get
Distracted answers
Distance multiplies with
Sideways glances

Few minutes
Then I close the call
Sadness lingers
Longest of all.


Afternoon tea, every Englishman’s dream
Cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream
Boy, twelve, rapes girl, ten
What is happening to the sons of men?

County cricket so sportingly civil
A day at the races talking of drivel
Man knifes partner after stalking
And here we are talking

Of Big Brother and film stars
New diets and fast cars
Scratch the veneer and
The beast will appear

Violent, ferocious, voracious
Our appetites capacious
We turn upon ourselves
Feed upon each other

Note: This post was inspired by various news items on the English news. It could just as easily have been inspired by the news from any other country in the world. I’m not suggesting that the English are uncivilised, but that we all are to some extent. If you have an opinion, please make a comment. Thank you.

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