Long Distance Call

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Long Distance Call

I see your face
So close and yet so far
Reach out to touch
Wish I were where you are

Questions get
Distracted answers
Distance multiplies with
Sideways glances

Few minutes
Then I close the call
Sadness lingers
Longest of all.


On Dying (poem)


On dying

Speak to me in silence and in love,
Hold me in your heart.
Let your eyes reflect
Our moments and our days.
Days gone and days to be
Tipping up into nothingness

Hold my hand, my love
But not my soul
When the call comes,
Speed me softly on,
But hold my hand.

Fear not my frailty and my pain
Spoon with me
Your body shielding mine,
Arms enfolding,
Gently holding.

Cry with me
Tears of anger
And of joy,
For times never to be
And times remembered -
Bitter-sweet memories.

Don't be strong - be you
Rage,cry and mourn my going
And when I'm gone,
Find solace in this:

You held me
But never hindered me.
You gave me courage
To stay the course
Until the end.
I wait for you
Until we meet again.

I'm NOT dying. These thoughts were prompted by a visit I made to a friend who is dying. Nothing was said, but her frailty and the million unspoken words in her eyes made me imagine what she might think or say. Although she will never see it, I offer up this poem to her respectfully and lovingly.


You bring me down

With a word and a frown,

Angry and frustrated,

My thoughts negated.


I carve my day around you

Organise to be one who

Is present and waiting

Listen to you stating


How this is not good

Enough and people should

Do better, drivers are

stupid ##holes.


You bring me down, man

So down, my heart pounds

Throat closes

Words frozen

Can’t make a sound.


Wait for it to pass

Tomorrow these last

Words will be