Soul food

Take a bite…

A burst of sweet summer sunshine

Explodes in my mouth and

Slides down my throat.

Another bite…

Warm, salty sea

Rolls over my tongue

Mingles with sweet sun.

I close my eyes.

Another bite…

Sweet summer days fill

My mouth,

My stomach,

My soul.

Margaret Brizzolari August 2016
This poem was inspired by my supper: sweet, ripe melon slices and parma ham, a match made in heaven!

What foods evoke strong emotions for you? Write about it and link to  the comments if you like.

Happy summer days, everyone.


Rebuild the homes
That once we had
Rebuild the community
Now gone bad

Renew the bond
Of neighbour love
Renew the trust
Destroyed from above

Bring back the fields
Raise up the farms
Now razed to dust
By fire and arms

Raise up the schools
The playing fields
Let violins sound
And music heal

Let children’s voices
Raised in song
Bring back our soul
And touch the throng

Of broken hearts,
Lives torn apart
Now hear the joy,
Let building start.

Margaret Brizzolari
June 2016

Written in respone to the daily prompt rebuild