Afternoon tea, every Englishman’s dream
Cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream
Boy, twelve, rapes girl, ten
What is happening to the sons of men?

County cricket so sportingly civil
A day at the races talking of drivel
Man knifes partner after stalking
And here we are talking

Of Big Brother and film stars
New diets and fast cars
Scratch the veneer and
The beast will appear

Violent, ferocious, voracious
Our appetites capacious
We turn upon ourselves
Feed upon each other

Note: This post was inspired by various news items on the English news. It could just as easily have been inspired by the news from any other country in the world. I’m not suggesting that the English are uncivilised, but that we all are to some extent. If you have an opinion, please make a comment. Thank you.

Posted on the run