A Year in Seasons


Summer blasted in,
A roaring furnace
First greening fields and hills
Then parching leaf and vale.
Giving and taking life
With each heavy, sun-scorched day.

We gasped for breath
Through long, desultory days,
Quarrelled in the baking sun,
Tossed in bed, keeping our distance,
Waiting for better times.

Autumn blew in,
A chilly breeze,
Misty mornings and soft showers
Replenishing parched earth
Softly swelling, ripening
She burst forth her bounty.

We found each other
Through gentle rainy days,
Snuggled close in bed,
Hands reaching, touching
Living a better time.

Winter crept in
On softly floating flakes,
Crisp morns and howling winds.
Frosting and freezing
Life and earth,
She cloaked our love in icy mirth.

Silent we became
Through frozen, sterile weeks,
Souls darkened as the days
Were dark and laden
Skies wept tears upon the earth

Spring fluttered in
On birdsong and butterfly wing,
Each dawn a promise.
Spring buds clamoured
For warming sun,
Welcomed with open petals.

Spring’s thaw for us
Came none too soon.
Warmed beating hearts
Love’s rising heat
Burning through our limbs
As we journeyed to love’s ecstacy.



She sits snuggled on the couch, feet up, legs stretched out, her back curved and resting against the  armrest and a small cushion. The blanket her daughter gave her for Christmas lies in soft, warm,  red-and-white Christmas cheer over her legs and feet. Outside, a grey, cloudy sky testifies to the continuing winter cold, but the heating is on and ticks comfortingly as it switches on and off.

The TV is blaring one of the endless reruns that he prefers to watch (which usually drives her crazy), his gentle snores a background to the sound. She browses the Net on her tablet, engrossed, oblivious to the noise. He snorts, she glances over at him and smiles. And in that moment, she realises that she is content; completely and utterly content.

Tomorrow, she may feel the restless arrows of discontent pierce her breast. She may long to be different, to be elsewhere, to be living another life; but today, she is fully here, awash with the delightful surprise of this contentment. For today, it is enough.

Life Celebration #16 Snow!


I have to admit that I love snow and the occasional snowy day! It’s true that where I live in the foothills of the alps, we don’t often get deep snow or long snowy periods. For the most part, the snow stays on the nearby peaks, giving them their winter brightness. On Friday, we woke up to a winter wonderland. My heart leapt at the beauty while I was going to market. The tree branches were outlined in snow – there was absolutely no wind to disturb it.


From my balcony, the surrounding hill had a glistening icing-sugar dusting.


The church spire rose proudly above the snowy roof tops.


Sadly, the snow is almost all gone already. Only the coldest corners of the garden harbour a few sad heaps. I’m hoping for a little more in the coming days!
How do you feel about the snow? Love it, or hate it?

Life Celebration #14 – Glorious Nature!

When the warm fön wind breathes its warm breath over Piemonte, we stretch our winter weary limbs, drinking in the blue skies and green pastures. All too soon, the skies will be grey and glowering, heavy with rain and snow. Today, though, today is clear and warm and bright. What a privilege to have beautiful places to visit nearby!

Today is blue and green and winter bright.
Can these be winter meadows, so verdant before us?
Cool, crisp and clear winter streams.
The Roman bridge in Fondo. This village at the end of a narrowing valley doesn’t get sunshine in winter. “Fondo” means bottom or end.
How many feet have trodden this path since the bridge was built? I wonder!
Even the huts protecting the rubbish carts have mossy slate rooves. Delightful!
On a sunny winter day, icicles hanging from rocks at the edge of the road glitter and shine, fascinating me.



Do you have special places to visit? What do you do on  sunny winter day?